Corporate ethics at BeNEXT Solutions

Concepts and initiatives regarding compliance
Our officers and employees at BeNEXT Solutions recognize that contracting, consignment, and outsourcing of work is a business under the regulations of laws and regulations such as Labor Standards Act and Employment Security Act, and that compliance initiatives are important.
To this end, we set up a compliance committee, with out president as chairperson, and executive department managers, etc. as committee members. We, as a company, strive to promote: compliance with directions and orders, as well as safety and health, as stipulated by laws and regulations; the Labor Bureau and Labor Standards Inspection Office's sharing guidances and issues worth tackling; reduction of working hours; and other efforts related to laws and regulations.
We have also made independent checklists of 86 items and 75 items regarding the business of contracting, consignment, and outsourcing, and we carry out internal audits to contractors' business offices.
Through these activities, we promote risk management and company-level compliance.
Privacy Policy

Because our officers and employees at BeNext Solutions (hereinafter called "we") have a responsibility of being a company that contributes society, on the basis of trust between people, through a service of IT recruitment, we establish "Privacy Policy" conforming to "JIS Q 15001"(; Japanese Industrial Standards, hereinafter called "Stds.") below. In the future, all of our officers and employees are involved in personal information understand the philosophy of this policy and continue to implement it. Therefore, we'll eventually live up to your expectation.

  1. 1. Acquire, use and provision of personal information
    Personal information is acquired, used, and provided just within the limited range of clearly specified purpose of use and by legal and fair means. (At the same time, we take measures to do it.) In addition, if Stds. demand any matters, we inform applicable persons of them and get their consent.
  2. 2. The appropriate control of personal information
    We deal with personal information safely and accurately and try to reduce the risks of it. In particular, we take rational and appropriate steps about information security to prevent personal infomation from missing, breaking up , getting altered or getting leaked, for example, a measure to counter illegal access and computer virus.
  3. 3. Observance of laws and other standards
    We observe laws and regulations related to personal information, guidelines stipulated by the country, and the other standards. Furthermore, we act in accordance with the privacy management systems meeting Stds..
  4. 4. Continuous improvement in privacy management systems
    We implement said systems and maintain, regularly review, and continuously improve them.
  5. 5. Complaint or consultation on personal information
    We appropriately and quickly handle a complaint or consultation on personal information, and we try to resolve this problem.

This policy is disclosed to the public. In addition, we make it thoroughly known to employees, and we strive to carry out their education and enlightenment as well as to promote higher awareness regarding personal information protection. For inquires, consultations, or complaints regarding this policy and personal information, please contact PMS Secretariat in TNS Div., BeNext Solutions Inc. (TEL +566-63-2720)

BeNEXT Solutions Inc.
President Shigeharu Kimura
Issued on February 15 2007
Revised on July 1 2019

Elimination of anti-social forces
In accordance with Anti-Organized Crime Law, etc., our company abides by compliance guidelines and does not take actions such as responding to unfair requests from anti-social forces and making use of anti-social forces.We are a member of Tokubouren (the Federation on Prevention of Special Organized Crimes within the Jurisdiction of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department) and Tokuboukyou (the Association on Prevention of Special Organized Crimes), participate in their training sessions, and collect information. In addition, we have established an "Anti-social forces response manual," and implement education for employees in order to maintain systems for the elimination of of anti-social forces.
Whistleblower System
We have established a whistleblower system in the company, for the purpose of preventing unlawful actions in business operations and early detection of fraud, etc.