Privacy Policy

TRUST NEXT SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd. makes use of advanced software technology to contribute to the achievement of a safe, comfortable society that is friendly to both humans and the environment. In addition, we recognize that the way we handle the protection of personal information is a critical responsibility for a company whose business is in correctly and sympathetically understanding customers' requests and providing services. Our company observes laws, regulations, etc. related to personal information. In addition, we will maintain a privacy management system based on the policy shown below in order to protect the person's right.

  1. 1. Personal information is acquired, used, and provided within the limited range of purpose of use and is not used outside the intended purposes.
  2. 2. With regard to leaks, loss or damage of personal information, and other risks, we take preventive and corrective measures against accidents, etc., and continuously improve our security systems relating to personal information.
  3. 3. We observe laws and regulations related to personal information, guidelines the country stipulates, and the other standards.
  4. 4. Our company formulates a privacy management systems (a management system including policy, standards, organization, planning, implementation, auditing, and revision to protect personal information that our company holds) to make officers and employees recognize the importance of privacy and to protect personal information appropriately, and will implement, maintain, and continuously improve this system.

This policy is disclosed to the public. In addition, we make it thoroughly known to employees, and we strive to carry out their education and enlightenment as well as to promote higher awareness regarding personal information protection. For inquires, consultations, or complaints regarding this policy and personal information, please contact PMS Secretariat in TRUST NEXT SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd. (TEL.+81-566-63-2720).

President Shigeharu Kimura
Issued on July 1 2014
Revised on April 1 2018

In relation to the handling of personal information

In our company, in order that our company control personal information strictly, the below content is implemented.

  1. 1. Personal information is managed appropriately according to our company’s personal information protection manual and internal regulations.
  2. 2. We use personal information for the following purposes. And, with regard to the personal information we obtain, in instances where obtained directly from the said person via document, in principle, we will individually specify the purpose of use.
    1. (1) Personal information of individual or corporate employees obtained through our company’s sales activity
      • ・For the business contacts For performing said transactions, placing/receiving orders, requests, managing contacts
      • ・For the invitation to other services provided by our company
    2. (2) Personal information held by the trustee entrusted by our company
      • ・- For design, manufacturing and test operations at system development,
      • ・Maintenance development, system maintenance after development
    3. (3) Personal information relating to employees of our cooperating companies
      • ・For various placing/receiving of orders, requests, contract management, issuing entry passes and business contacts
    4. (4) Personal information relating to employees of our company, temporary staff, and applicants of positions at our company
      • ・For considering adoption or rejection, deciding and recording, labor management after employment
    5. (5) Personal information relating to registered temporary staff
      • ・For introducing and dispatching to customers, based on worker dispatch undertakings
    In cases where our company uses personal information for purposes other than mentioned in the previous section, the said person will be informed, and used with the expressed consent of the said person.
  3. 3. Personal information is entrusted to contractors which have fulfilled our company’s standards for processing. Also, in principle, personal information is not provided to third parties other than contractors without the expressed consent of the said individual.
  4. 4. Personal information, is disclosed / corrected with confirmation of the person’s identity. In such situations, fees that apply for bank transfer etc. will be collected. However, regarding personal information kept by trustee businesses, we will handle them after confirming with entrusters. For details, please see our request process for personal information disclosure etc.
  5. 5. Provision of personal information is optional, though, adequate service cannot be provided if personal information is insufficient/incomplete.
  6. 6. For consultations and complaints regarding personal information, please contact us using the contact information below.
    <Contact information> TRUST NEXT SOLUTIONS Co., Ltd. PMS Manager (Tel. +81-566-63-2720)

Information on request procedures and disclosure etc., of personal information

In our company, personal information stored is disclosed by means of request procedures and disclosure etc. shown below. In addition, corrections will be made to personal information in cases where it contains factual errors.

  1. 1. Personal information for disclosure
    Personal information for disclosure is personal information that is stored in our company’s databases or information files that is organized in a searchable state. However, where the business is only outsourced to our company, and our company is not authorized to disclose personal information, it is not disclosed. 2. (1), (3) to (5) of the above “Regarding handling of personal information,” are to be disclosed.
  2. 2. The intended use of disclosed personal information
    The intended use for all personal information for disclosure, is according to 2. (1), (3) to (5) of the above “Regarding handling of personal information”. However, where the business is only outsourced to our company, and our company is not authorized to disclose personal information, (2. (2) is not disclosed.
  3. 3. Procedure to request disclosure of personal information
    Send our company’s designated application form: “personal information disclosure and correction request form”by registered mail, after the said person has filled out the items required (disclosure/correction/cessation of use). Our company will send the “personal information disclosure and correction request form” by mail.
  4. 4. Address for requesting disclosure etc.
    Send the predetermined application form with any necessary attached documents to the office below by mail.
    1-15 Otemachi, Kariya City, Aichi Prefecture, 448-0857
  5. 5. Identification validation
    We will confirm your full name, address, phone number for identification. Attach a copy of any of the following certificates to the document mailed: driving license (both back and front), passport, various welfare handbooks, various health insurance cards, various pension handbooks, and certification of information recorded on foreign resident registration file.
    * Personal information related to the matter will be disposed of, deleted appropriately within one year after the reply to the request for disclosure has finished.
    * Personal information accompanying submitted applications for disclosure, etc. will be handled only to the extent that is required for the response to the disclosure request, such as identification checks, contact with the said person regarding requests for disclosure etc., or checks if there is doubt regarding the said person’s identity etc. This information will not be provided to third parties including the entruster. Also, please understand we cannot respond to disclosure requests, in cases where identification documents were not submitted by the customer. And, regarding the said personal information, we will not acquire them by ways that are difficult for the said person to recognize.
  6. 6. Reply from our company
    Mail will be sent from our company regarding the results of correction, disclosure etc. of personal information.
  7. 7. If the disclosure requester is different to the disclosed person
    In principle, disclosure requests are accepted from the said person or representative. In such situations, if there is mistaken information, correction procedures etc are performed immediately. In cases where persons other than the said person request disclosure, enclose documentation indicating the relationship with the said person, authorization documents, and material confirming the identification of the said requester.