Software connects humans, things, and networks.

Software connects humans, things, and networks.
We communicate in the "words" of programming languages.

A professional group for the development of integration control software
We are an independent software company specializing in integration control software development. In particular, we have a long history of automotive ECU software development and for over 30 years since our founding, we have grown on the same trajectory as high-tech innovations in automobiles, from engine control to self-driving technologies. Our reliable technologies are recognized in companies around the world.

In recent years, we also have responded to rapidly increasing demands for software development in fields such as IoT, deep learning, robots, drones, AR/VR, and smartphone application development, as well as automotive ECU software development. We are in constant pursuit of new technologies, and provide customers with the technologies that the times require.

The potential of software is limitless.

We connect humans, things, and networks in the "words" of programming languages, and expand their potential.
We think of our mission at Trust Next Solutions as making a safer, more comfortable, more convenient, and more exciting world.


One-stop service for everything from development to evaluation
We have made many achievements in both software development and software evaluation, and have established a flow for each process. As a result, we can offer one-stop contracting of everything from development work to evaluation work. Of course, you can also trust us with individual parts of projects.

We also have experience planning our own products, so we can also be involved in projects from the planning stage.

We are a group of over 880 engineers, contributing to manufacturing in Japan.

One-stop service for everything from development to evaluation

Developing in a team is the TNS style
We can provide high-level technical skills by "developing in a team."
By delegating roles, we can maintain high technical skills and acquire technical skills at a higher speed.

Developing in a team has merits both for our client companies and our employees. That is the TNS style.

Developing in a team is the TNS style