With our reliable technical skills, we will support you in making the shift to to the cloud, and making the best use of it.

With our reliable technical skills,
we will support you in making the shift to to the cloud,
and making the best use of it.

Cloud development

Reliable technical capability

We'll give all we have to support you in making the shift to to the cloud, and making the best use of it.
A large number of systems are mounted in automobiles, and many CPUs along with them. Those CPUs provide a comfortable driving environment to drivers as they collect, analyze, and link information from many sensors, information from databases, satellite information, and information from many other external sources. Current automobiles are said to be a fusion of top-grade computers and automobiles.

Our technical capability have been cultivated through automotive systems, and have expanded even into the field of cloud development. We provide one-stop cloud environment construction services to companies who struggle with server system purchase expenses, operational costs, and a lack of the necessary skills, as well as companies who require the environment to be built in a short time period or in a secure environment.

Reliable technical capabilityTechnologies that store information to diagnostics

  • Vehicle-mounted communication technologies that exchange information from each sensor and actuator
  • ITS technologies such as car navigation

Development support

  • Cloud transition

    Proposal for shifts from on-premise to cloud

    Proposal for shifts from on-premise to cloud


    Cloud environment

  • Web systems

    Server application development

    Front-end development

    Web systems

  • IoT development

    Integration application development


  • Storage design

    DB design by means of SQL
    Cloud storage data design
    VPN construction

    Storage design

  • Data analysis

    Program development of Functions
    Cooperation with machine learning

    Data analysis

  • Real-time reporting

    Report preparation

    Real-time reporting

Achievements in Development

Achievement 1

Transition from on-premise to cloud (automobile parts manufacturers)

Transition from on-premise to cloud

  • On-premise
  • Cloud environment

We have taken on projects to move existing on-premise services to a cloud environment and optimize them.
We suggested points to improve use of the cloud environment.

Achievement 2

Automobile services (Internet ITS Consortium)

  • Probe information
    ・Vehicle speed, fuel consumption
    ・Location information
    ・Camera image
    ・Biological sensor

    Probe information

  • Cloud


    Probe information
    Vehicle information
    Message information

  • Various services
    ・Dangerous road warning
    ・Road information in the event of a disaster
    ・Road maintenance services
    ・Driver monitors, etc.

    Various services

Using AWS, we have constructed a test server for projects to collect probe information from cars and deploy various services.
By making use of the cloud, various validation could be responded to promptly.

Achievement 3

Biological information management system (products developed in our company*)

System configuration

System configuration

  • Hardware development
    Hardware: Armadillo-420
    OS: Windows CE
    Language: C language
  • Cloud system construction
    Platform: Windows Azure
    Language: JavaScript, CSS,
    JQuery, JSON, C#
  • Smartphone application development
    Platform: iOS, Android
    Language: Java, Objective-C

Using Microsoft Azure, we constructed a system in which the biological information of sleeping people, (such as breathing and heartbeat) is monitored at all times using mat sensors, and that information is sent to subscribers in the event of an abnormality. It is a system used in nursing.
By choosing a PaaS environment, we have achieved a reduction of operation costs due to factors such as security and maintenance.

* Our care equipment projects were transferred to FSC Co., Ltd.