We are creating the future of automobiles. To that end, we are polishing our sought-after technical skills.

We are creating the future of automobiles. To that end,
we are polishing our sought-after technical skills.

Development of automotive integration software

story of vehicle-mounted ECUs

ver 30 years of development experience

Over 30 years of development experience

Over 30 years of development experience
Current automobiles are high-tech devices you can drive. The percentage of vehicle-mounted ECUs (electrical components) keeps increasing year after year, and it is said that hybrid cars now account for about 50% and EV cars account for about 70%.
Integration software is necessary for vehicle-mounted ECUs. As the percentage of vehicle-mounted ECUs has been increasing in automobiles, the number of lines in their programs is increasing rapidly, and the upper limit knows no boundaries.
For over 30 years, Trust Next Solutions has been involved with integration software development and has provided technologies that have become sought after as automobiles have become digital.

Achievements in development

From engine control to the development of self-driving technology
Seat control/Back monitor/Immobilizer control/Seat belt control/Light control/Mirror control/Air conditioning/Audio/Keyless entry systems/Engine control/Hybrid system control/Transmission control/Steering control/Shift control/Pre-crash safety/ABS/GPS/Navigation systems, etc.

From engine control to the development of self-driving technology

From engine control to the development of self-driving technology

What we offer

One-stop service for everything from development to evaluation

One-stop service for everything from development to evaluation
We have made many achievements in both software development and software evaluation, and have established a flow for each process. As a result, we can offer one-stop contracting of everything from development work to evaluation work. Of course, you can also trust us with individual parts of projects.

We also have experience planning our own products, so we can also be involved in projects from the planning stage.

We are a group of over 650 engineers, contributing to manufacturing in Japan.

One-stop service for everything from development to evaluation

Proprietary technologies

Meeting a wide range of needs with our advanced development capabilities
AUTOSAR, on its way to becoming a prevailing standard for vehicle-mounted systems.


  • There were no standards for hardware, so we needed to make our original drivers, which are necessary for operating software. This resulted in increased man-hours needed for development.
  • By standardizing hardware and drivers, past libraries can be re-used. Focus can then be directed at shortening the man-hours needed for development, and at developing features.
Model-based development
We use standard development tools called MATLAB and Simulnk. Training can also be offered at each learning level.

Model-based development

Merits of model-based development

"Models" to be moving specifications Since models become moving specifications, review and communication in verification processes are smoother compared to the specifications created in the text and flow charts of traditional processes.
You can "automatically create codes" Since you can design software with completed models, simulations can be timely repeated. After , codes can be created automatically and we can contribute to drastically reducing coding man-hours.
"Accuracy improvement and period shortening" for conformity/evaluation In traditional development, it is necessary to make a prototype of the actual hardware for verification. In model-based development, because verification can be made on models and simulators, accuracy improvement and period shortening is possible.
Engine control
We have extensive knowledge and experience on electronically-controlled engines. We can cover diesel vehicles and hybrid vehicles as well as gasoline vehicles.

Engine control

Fuel systems Fuel F/B control, fuel learning control, injection timing control, injection amount calculation, various fuel correction
Intake and exhaust systems EGR control, electronic throttle control, sensor heater control
Ignition systems Ignition timing control, knocking control, ignition correction calculation
Start-up charging systems Alternator control
Valve systems VVT control, purge control, SCV control
Drive systems AT solenoid control, FAN control
Cooling systems Air conditioning control, FAN control
Others Immobilizer control
Fault diagnosis Accidental fire detection, O2, CATA deterioration, various valves, sensor fault detection
Fail-safe Safety design for each control
Service communication Regulation mode, manufacturer original mode, fault status recording
Motor control
Automobile motors that support electric vehicles such as hybrid and EV cars.

Vector control, PWM control, sensorless control, sensing ・・・ Compatible with ever-diversifying control technologies.

Motor control

  • IPMSM vector control software development
  • Motor/inverter error detection
    Fail-safe function development
  • In-vehicle CAN communication middleware development
  • Serial communication middleware development
  • レResolvers / R/D converter conversion processing
Microcomputer PF
  • Development of three phase PWM drivers for motor control
  • Built-in RDC driver development
  • Two phase encoder input development
  • CAN/serial communication driver development
  • Other basic input/output
Vehicle-mounted communication networks
Vehicle-mounted communications that achieves both complex vehicle-mounted apparatus control and reduction of the car body weight.

Vehicle-mounted communication networks

Car navigation development
We can cover the basic functions of car navigation (application) to the development/evaluation of platforms and drivers.

Car navigation developmen

  • Map rendering function
  • Route search/guidance function
  • Multimedia function (audio/DVD/digital television broadcasting)
OS μitro/T-kernel/built-in Linux
  • Communication: Ether/CAN/I2C/UART
  • Sensors: ADC/GPIO
H/W (microcomputers) Renesas microcomputer SH series / R-car (ARM/SH)
Map rendering development
Secure responsive capabilities by rendering information that is to be communicated to users by overlapping it layer by layer, and rendering only the necessary sections again.

Map rendering development

ADAS development (automated driving)
We also have a large number of achievements related to ADAS function development. Our achievements also include developing ADAS functions based on map data and current location, through navigation development and in-vehicle devices communication technologies.

ADAS development (automated driving)

Development area image

Image recognition
Experience in the development of product inspection systems, parallel parking systems, driving lane detection systems, etc. using image recognition technologies.

Image recognition

Cloud development
Development of both front-end (web service) and back-end (data analysis, etc.) applications.

Development of module-side IoT applications. We have experience in system design and configuration using Azure and AWS.

Cloud development